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The Ohio State University Department of Neurology has seen dramatic growth in its research programs in recent years, both in funding and in impact. Faculty in the Department of Neurology today hold more than $11 million in external research funding, all focused on finding the causes of disease and injury, their progression, optimum treatment and – wherever possible – their prevention. Our research expansion can be seen in the significant translational research programs under way in our major interdisciplinary centers, in individual schools and departments, and in the growing array of core facilities that support them. Our many innovative partnerships – with other ventures, industry, foundations and international research institutions – help advance the understanding of disease at the most basic level and yield new techniques and technologies to treat disease.

Look to the division web pages on the left of this page for information about clinical trials by division. If the division of interest is not yet linked, please feel free to contact us at (614) 293-4969.