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pcThe Department of Neurology is part of one of the nation's leading academic medical centers, The Ohio State University Medical Center, which offers healthcare services in virtually every specialty and subspecialty in medicine. Patients come to us each month for treatments and services they cannot find anywhere else. Our physicians diagnose and treat numerous neurological diseases. Providing you with access to healthcare and information is core to our research, education and patient care mission. Our network of physician specialists are distinguished for their clinical, research and teaching skills by the American Academy of Neurology and the American Neurological Association. With two clinic locations and a network of physician specialists, the Department of Neurology is central Ohio’s only academic medical center. This means we are constantly researching better ways to provide care and passing this knowledge on to students in medicine and other health professions. At the OSU Medical Center Department of Neurology, we're dedicated to creating the future of medicine to improve people's lives.

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