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- Amir Adeli, MD
- Punit Agrawal, MD
- W. David Arnold, MD
- Sheri Cotterman-Hart, MD, PhD
- Mohit Datta, MD
- Miriam Freimer, MD
- Diana Greene-Chandos, MD
- Yousef Hannawi, MD
- J. Chad Hoyle, MD
- Jaime Imitola, MD
- Stanley Iyadurai, MD
- Maria Kataki, MD, PhD
- Brendan Kelley, MD
- Meena Khan, MD
- Wendy King, PT
- Yasushi Kisanuki, MD
- John Kissel, MD
- Stephen J. Kolb, MD, PhD
- Sandra Kostyk, MD, PhD
- Shannon Linder, RN, MSN, CNP
- Lucretia Long, MS, RN, CNP
- D. Joanne Lynn, MD
- James McAuley, RPh, PhD
- Jesse Mindel, MD
- Kathleen Moore, CNP

- Ann Pakalnis, MD
- Ariane Park, MD, MPH
- Adam Quick, MD
- Michael Racke, MD
- Jerold Reynolds, PhD, RCP, RRT
- Douglas Scharre, MD
- Andrew Slivka, MD, FAHA
- Amro Stino, MD
- Robert Taylor, MD
- Michel Torbey, MD, MPH, FCCM, FAHA
- Cheryl Wall, RN, MS, CNP

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- Division of Cerebrovascular Disease & Neurocritical Care
- Cognitive Neurology
- Movement Disorders
- Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis
- Division of Neuromuscular Medicine
- Division of Epilepsy
- Pediatric Neurology

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Dr PakalnisAnn Pakalnis, MD
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Neurology

OSU Appointment: 2008

Background: Ann Pakalnis, MD, is Director of the Headache Clinic at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Clinical Neurology at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. BS  University of Notre Dame, MS The Ohio State University
MD  University of Toledo, College of Medicine Internship, Neurology Residency, and Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship-Ohio State University Hospitals

Clinical Interests: Her primary clinical and research interests involve the diagnosis and management of headache and the identification of co-morbid disorders linked to migraine. She is the principal investigator on a number of industry-sponsored studies of medication treatment of childhood migraine.

Research Interests: chronic daily headaches in children and adolescents,  co-morbidities with migraine headaches

Clinical Trials: Motivational Interviewing in Adolescents with Medication Overuse Headaches,  Double blind study with Zomig Nasal Spray in adolescent migraine from Astra Zeneca.

Publications: list of recent publications by Anne Pakalnis, M.D.

Appointment Phone: (614) 293-4969
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